Glass Memorials to Life

"Ash Art"

Each piece is hand blown and at just the right moment, a small amount of ash is added to create a beautiful and unique expression of your dearly departed.

Beads, Pendants, Paper Weights & More!

“Ash Art” can be made in many forms. As a window hanging, the glass glows with the light of joyful memories. Pendants of all sizes may be worn close to your heart and larger pieces beautifully adorn alters and other sacred places.


Boaz Glass can make custom collections to memorialize your dearly departed. Inquire today!!

Amber Paperweight

These Paperweights are designed from a tube implosion technique to give the look of 3D. They are also twice the size of a Window Hanging. So a large and everlasting reminder of that special someone. Can be viewed in your office space, your home, or a special place. These Paper Weight can be created with a limited array of colors. Caramel: Pictured

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Check out this video of me creating an Ash Pendant! Inside his lampworking studio w/Jentry Boaz.

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Do you feel that the life of your loved one isn’t something to be buried and forgotten? Our ash art keepsake jewelry is one way to celebrate the life of your loved one for years to come.

Memorialize your loved one’s life with one of our pendant necklaces for ashes. Or choose one of the other forms of cremation keepsake jewelry we offer.

With each piece of hand-shaped cremation glass, I seek to capture the light of the life still springing up within your memories. Whether it is a window disk designed to reflect light or a memorial paperweight—each piece merges the life it memorializes with the eternal fluidity of glass.